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XRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPECXRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPECXRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPECXRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPECXRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPEC
XRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPECXRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPECXRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPECXRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPECXRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPEC

XRAY 370014 X12 '21 US SPEC

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Number: 370014

Producer code: 370014


Condition of the product: New

Price with TAX: 356.53 Euro

Price: 289.86 Euro

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XRAY X12 Platform.

Based on the ultra-successful X12 platform, XRAY proudly presents the all-new X12 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in high-competition races around the world, and ready out-of-the-box to take you to the Winners’ Circle.

US Edition.

  • US version - comes with a solid aluminium chassis, and a rear solid axle. Best suited for high grip carpet tracks, such as CRC Black Carpet.

2021 All-New:

  • Completely redesigned X12 platform
  • 90% new components with the main focus on improvement of durability, stability and traction
  • Tweak free design,  new rear center pivot mounting system, bulkheads,  pod plates & redesigned front suspension
  • EU and US Editions of the kit intended for different track conditions with maximum performance out of the box
  • New chassis plates for the new front suspension & rear pivot, chassis side braces & direct servo mounting
  • Chassis in three versions: flex aluminum (EU Edition), solid aluminum (US Edition) and optional graphite
  • Side link mounting adjustments alter the on-power steering characteristics
  • All-new graphite chassis side braces with three different settings to alter chassis stiffness
  • Chamfered lower chassis edges for improved cornering speed
  • All-new aluminum center pivot mounting system improves traction & stability of the car
  • All-new rear center pivot adjustment changes the pivot location relative to the side links
  • New one-piece bulkheads with upper & lower center pins achieve maximum durability and eliminate tweak
  • Graphite rear upper plate to align with the bulkhead centering pins
  • All-new front suspension completely redesigned for maximum durability & to eliminate tweak
  • Single graphite arms replace composite arms for maximum rigidity.
  • Heavy-duty 4mm kingpin system with fixed camber geometry
  • Front suspension flex adjustment system with three different flex settings
  • All-new graphite moulded steering block for 4mm king pin with new Ackermann positions for improved steering response
  • Big bore front springs with larger diameter for smoother & more precise dampening
  • New center shock position for improved steering & quicker direction change.
  • Stiffer center shock spring
  • Ultra-low CG servo mounting system places servo directly to the chassis to improve the steering response
  • Adjustable grooves in chassis to place both small and micro size servos into the absolute center of the chassis
  • Updated front bumper design to meet racing organization rules
  • Stealth looking black design
  • World Championship, ROAR National Championship and EFRA European Championship winning platform

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